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About Us

Prestige Cleaning is a company created by two car enthusiasts, and more precisely, vehicle maintenance  high-end.


Our mission ? Bring your vehicle a complete and top-of-the-range maintenance by meeting all your requirements.

We seek perfection in each of our services and those whatever your vehicle. We offer cleaning treatment  adapted to your expectations and needs, but also to your vehicle. Thanks to our selection of products, among the best on the Car-Detailing market, all the materials of your car are worked and have a use dedicated to them.

Beyond our services, we include a valet parking service in all our formulas and our subscriptions, including  picking up your vehicle and delivering it on demand. No need to plan  a water supply or even a power outlet ! The vehicles are directly maintained in our dedicated cleaning center  sheltered from bad weather and the sun to guarantee you quality maintenance  and  sustainable .


Our products

100% French Car-Detailing products

Best quality in the world market

Suitable for all materials in your vehicle

Our premium service

Valet service included

Benefits sheltered from the sun and bad weather

Expertise unmatched

OUR adapted RATES

Exclusive subscriptions for

continuous year-round service

Services and prices according to your needs

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