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voiture de polissage



on our prices

Long-term support



Includes 2 washes per monthin Platinum Formula

worth 160€

Enjoy a complete top-of-the-range service,
all year round, with ease. 

Voiture noire sur la route

Why take a yearly subscription? 

Car-Detailing is an aesthetic maintenance of your vehicle. It brings care to your car, but also impeccable cleanliness with ease. Thanks to our annual subscriptions, you no longer need to worry about your next appointments! With two washes per month, according to your habits and your desires, ensure a radiant finish for your vehicle all seasons. Our monthly interventions ensure a longevity to the latter, and in particular a refurbishment during its resale.

Our most popular formula is the annual subscription at €98 per month, which guarantees you impeccable service at each of our pick-ups.  

You too can get the best service for your vehicle. 

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