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Car protection - Covering


Car wrapping is an increasingly popular automotive customization technique. This method consists of placing aprotective filmon the car body, providing protectionagainst scratches, impacts, dust, weather, and UV rays.

Protect your bodywork

In summary, car wraps are a smart choice for car owners who wantprotect their investment, especially for a possibleresale.

Our Covering Kit in detail

Prestige Cleaning presents itsFull Protection Pack in Coveringhand-laid, made-to-measure, and available for all types of vehicles.


Bumper corners

Trunk threshold

Hollow of handles

Door edges

wing mirror

Door sills

Protective film on cars provides maximum protectionagainst external attacks, while preserving resale value and avoidinghigh repair costs. If you are looking to improve the appearance and protection of your car, wrapping is an option worth seriously considering.

Protect your headlights


protective filmsfor headlightsare a useful addition to any vehicle. They provide a protective layer, considerably limitingscratches, stone chips and wearfollowing bad weather.


In addition, headlight protection films can also prevent thediscolorationdue to UV rays and maintainopacity  original headlights.

Ultimately, this helps extend the life of your car while adding a touch of style with color customization options.

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