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Do you want to refurbish your damaged, scratched or sun-tarnished bodywork? Do you want a renovation service adapted to your vehicle? 

On Saint-Barthélemy, the island setting can be synonymous with damage to your car, in the face of exposure to the sun, dust caused by the works, or even by the pimples of rust and tar on the roads.

Take advantage of a complete maintenance service on your bodywork, thanks to know-how and professional equipment.  

Why do bodywork maintenance?


The sun on Saint-Barthélemy

Too much exposure changes the appearance of the bodywork and can lighten the paint. Like oxidation, the sun damages the bodywork and requires specific treatment.   

What is the difference between polishing and buffing?

  • Corrects visible faults on the vehicle

  • Permanently removes micro-scratches

  • Removes stains caused by the sun



  • Post-polishing operation

  • Provides long-lasting protection

  • Body finish

  • Essential step when reselling a car for a showroom appearance

for price

Polishing and buffing act in complementarity during an aesthetic maintenance, and make it possible to carry out a complete car wash. These steps contribute to the good behavior of your car, and to the maintenance of its value. We recommend a body treatment before the sale of a car, in order torefurbishgood and ensure a faster sale. 

The polishing

Polishing brings a shiny and aesthetic finish to the varnish of your vehicle. Polishing consists of carefully applying a protective wax in order to provide a more resistant hold to the quality of the bodywork. This step will "feed" the bodywork, and requires several hours of work in order to cover the entire external surface of the vehicle. Polishing, in the long term, will maintain the bodywork, but also provide additional protection against exposure to the sun, and against traces of pollution caused by the road. However, stubborn traces require the polishing step. 


Polishing can correct and renovate damaged bodywork. Polishing the exterior of the vehicle acts as a gentle "scrub" on the bodywork, and gives a very smooth appearance to then durably erase micro-scratches, paint oxidation, or road pollution residues. Polishing is a long but meticulous job on the entire bodywork, to complete the decontamination stage carried out beforehand. For this technique, it is necessary to know how to perfectly master the polisher, as well as the rest of the professional equipment, because badly carried out maintenance causes serious damage to your vehicle and its value. 

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