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How to define car-detailing?

Also called auto detailing, car detailing is the best car detailing you will find.  

Each part, interior and exterior, is worked meticulously with products selected and specially designed according to the materials.

This work requires special attention from our teams in order to guarantee a lasting result and effective self-cleaning. At this stage, it is no longer a question of a simple "car wash", but of a true art of sublimating your car. 

This luxury treatment is suitable for all types of vehicles. It is for this reason that our expertise in car detailing applies to companies and individuals alike, but also to other models of transport (motorcycles, planes, boats).  

Car-Detailing extends to several levels and adapts to all requests. The passion for the automobile gave birth to this practice and tends to become popular in the world of the automobile, but also in our daily life.

A professional service,

a result  sensational

Car Detailing is real care for your car. This service aims to carry out a complete interior/exterior maintenance  of your vehicle down to the smallest detail: from simple washing to  renovation, this practice knows  to respond  to all requirements.


Every day, we evolve and implement new work techniques to ensure our customers a perfect rendering.  


These treatments require technical know-how and a range of products dedicated to this type of service. Our teams, trained and passionate  automotive, have an irreproachable knowledge of the different materials that make up your vehicle. The goal ? Constantly apply suitable products and ensure 100% cleaning and preservation  materials.


The complexity of our know-how leads us to intervene for several  hours on  a vehicle in order to ensure result  of quality. However, we strive  continually  to offer you fast and impeccable service.

Savon sur voiture

"Just like you, your car makes an impression"

prestige cleaning

Sport Car

A detail wash of your car 

The exterior of your car is worked on meticulously, using suitable equipment and top-of-the-range products.

We always go through a Snow-Foam
  for a first foaming and descaling cleaning before starting the mechanical washing. This upstream phase removes all dirt for rinsing with a high-pressure cleaner without having contact with the bodywork.

As for the delicate areas , such as the gills, the logo of your car or the rubber seals, meticulous brushwork is carried out by us. This guarantees washing without altering the quality of certain parts of your car and therefore ensuring them a lasting hold over time.

Our gloves are essentially based on microfibers so as not to cause any damage to your bodywork during our care.

Tampon de voiture

The Car Detailing steps

Prestige Cleaning way

Several cleaning phases are carried out to ensure a quality rendering and  long-term protector.

The painting is cleaned, sublimated, but also conditioned to resist multiple imperfections. This self-detailing process is possible thanks to the application of high-quality products that provide protection for several weeks or even months.

These products are particularly effective against oxidation and also against minor damage caused by dust, sand mist or micro-scratches.

We carry out a polishing and buffing step to perfect the finish of your varnish. This part is probably the most time-consuming but also the most technical !

At Prestige Cleaning, we spend most of our time on exterior plastics, rims and tires . All parts are cleaned and protected, but each material requires special attention. The wheels and brake calipers are carefully polished and allow a perfect rendering without degrading the mechanical parts.

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