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Preparing the car for sale with Car-Staging

When selling a car, price isn't everything.

Experts in car detailing and high-end vehicle preparation, Prestige Cleaning works with the leaders in the creation and sale of high-quality products dedicated to detailing.

sell rapidly

and at better price.

voiture de sport



A faster sale

Maximize the value of your car by investing in high-end detailing maintenance.

The results increase the chances of a quick and easy sale.

The car-detailing breathes new life into your vehicle, and makes it immaculate as on the first day. 

From micro-scratches to decontamination, car-staging guarantees complete maintenance of your car.

An attractive ad and a fair price are the necessary factors for a sale. But to increase the chances of a quick transaction, sell your car as new through retail cleaning.

Voiture moderne noire

In detail

> First wash of the bodywork 

> Intervention of visible defects on bodywork

> High-pressure cleaning of bodywork, interior of doors, wheel arches 

> Hand cleaning of rims/hubcaps 

> Ferrous decontamination bodywork and rims

> Manual drying 

> Body polishing 

> Hydrophobic treatment application to protect the varnish 

> Complete cabin vacuuming

> Buffing and interior finishes  

> Seat pressing 

> Anti-dust treatment of plastics 

> Passage of exterior/interior windows

> Pneumatic dressing room 

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